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07-28-2013, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by snazzu88 View Post
See that sounds much better haha and I agree 100%. Love Zajac but he needs to step up being our No1 center.

As for you I dont understand while so hostile. Sorry I misread your "was", dont need to freak out. And how can I write something like that? That fact that the way it was worded I read it as him comparing Zajac to Getz? He has that contract because Getz is damn good, whether under the old or new CBA. Yash did clear it up and it was understood much better.
He was comparing their contracts.. comparable contracts because they're NEW CBA deals.

The difference in their cap hit reflects the difference in skill and the difference between a bonafide star #1 and a guy who is more of a top 6 tweener.

No-one is saying Zajac even comes close to Getzlaf..