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Originally Posted by MessierIsGod View Post
You are right. i am sorry. 6 mio is a very bad contract for the swedish king. The goalie that won the Cup this year. He must make 8 or 9 mio. I thought this is a public forum where one can express an opinion. I thought hank being outplayed in the playoffs by other teams' goalies were facts. Maybe I was wrong. Not worth being stalked (oops "called out" that is). As to names, somehow Lou found one to replace a HOF. No doubt Slats can do the same (look what did with Gomez). Anyway, sorry for interrupting the flowers for the king.
What defines outplayed? Just winning? Because I wasn't as impressed by Rask's performance against us as you seem to be. I don't mean to feed into any feelings of bitterness you seem to be expressing, but I do happen to disagree with that point. I don't think we weould've made it past the first round with Lundqvist nevermind getting to the cup finals. In my eyes, the team around him failed him more than Lundqvist failed them, but like you said it's just an opinion. Which is why I ask the first question.

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