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07-28-2013, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by NFITO View Post
Cody wanted out because he didn't get the role that he (or his parents/agent) wanted to start his career. He came on a team that had 2 elite centers playing the top 2 lines. Do you bump Henrik or Kesler down to accommodate Cody? Should any rookie be entitled to that?

Had Vancouver given Cody a decent winger, you take that decent winger away from the Sedins or Kesler, and they are the horses you go with if you want team success, not to cater to a 20 YO rookie. This seems lost on some people here, like you?? There is a salary cap in the league, you can not stack every line. Most teams have 3rd line players on their 3rd line, and they play their top-6 wingers with their top centers.

Again you're looking at this from a Sabres POV - a team trying to develop their young talent where the priority is not winning now, but to develop that young talent to win one day. The Canucks were not in that position. They needed Cody to do what the team needed to succeed, not what Cody needed to succeed.

And that basically is the bottom line. You have a rookie that made demands about his role, his family/agent that felt they had any say in how he should be used on a team, and a locker room that lost respect for him because of those actions, what do you do as a GM of that team? You move the piece out that's creating the problems, not cater to him!
It is a fair question to ask a coach what exactly their role is with the team.

He was stuck behind two very good centers thus he may not get a chance to get anywhere for a few years. Maybe his dad saw that ad wanted him to get dealt to another team so he felt he had a better shot at a #1 or #2 Center job.

This trade happened because of need in both teams. Vancouver needed young winger more and buffalo needed a Center more. they were drafted right around the same spot in consecutive drafts (Hodgson #10 2008 and Kassian #13 2009). Neither one had made an impact at the NHL level.

The fact that Vancouver was trying to win now had no bearing in this trade. Its not like Vancouver was acquiring a veteran for a playoff run.

i have talked about this in other posts of mine----

With a hard salary cap now a team cant create a fantasy hockey team of all stars. You need to utilize some cheap players to fill out your roster.

When it comes to forwards if you subbudget the cap to $37M for forwards, $26M for Dmen/G and $1.3M for call ups and deadline moves.

With the $36M if you allocate--- line 1: $15M , line 2: $10M, line 3: $7M, 5 forwards: $4M.

What teams would likely do is balance out the roster over 3 lines where you may have 1 high paid player, 1 medium paid and a cheap player. line 1($12M): $7M C, $4M LW, $1M RW line 2 ($11M): $4.5M C, $1.5M LW, $5M RW line 3($9M): $2.5M C, $2.5M LW, $3M RW

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