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Originally Posted by Axman View Post
Nice! What in your opinion is the toughest obstacle course run? I know there are several out there.
The toughest one was the tough mudder. It was the longest (9-11 miles I think), but the worst part about it was on mile 2. They made you wade through and submerge yourself in a pool that they were dumping ice into. Would have felt great if it was 85+, but the temp was 40 when we started. I felt like I went into shock when I got my head wet. If you're in good shape, that's a fun, challenging race. If you're not big on aerobics, stick to the 5k ones.

And I know the idea is to get big with a lot of these workouts, but don't forget your cardio. If it's not running, replace it with something else. As someone with a medical background and a good bit of exercise history, it's not all that safe to build these huge muscles without working out the most important one, the heart. Think you look bigger right after a workout? That's because you are, you increase blood flow to the muscles, and muscles love blood. Double your muscle mass, double the amount of blood flow through them.

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