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great Yak's interview to Sport-Express

can anyone translate?

MOD EDIT: Thanks Blunderbore!

Originally Posted by Blunderbore View Post
here, i translated the article for you. i hope that it's a bit better than Google's attempt.

How's your summer been?

Great so far! I have rested well, both physically and mentally. But i've been working meahwhile, I started my preseason as early as during my vacation, which I had spent in Turkey with my friends.

Are Edmonton coaches looking over your summer workout schedule?

Yes, i've been handed a personal preparation plan in spring already. I'm keeping to it; I can't cheat myself, there were no omissions. I'm going to start ice training in Detroit.

Isn't it a bit early for this? NHL season isn't starting before October.

Well, everyone in the NHL starts working out by themselves good month or more before training camps are opening, and everybody has personal coaches. In KHL people are used to getting together and starting to work afterwards, while overseas things are more often done individually.
I'm going to work on ice under my agent prof. Igor Larionov's supervision, and i'll have another man for the rest of training. That'll be through August, and i'm looking forward to report to camp in September well prepared.

The roster for Russian National team's Olympic camp has been issued recently, how did you find out that you've been named to the 35 name list?

My friend read the news and called me, then I checked the roster online. Sure I was excited, like any ambitious player would be. I used to watch the Olympics on TV as a kid, and now I have a chance to play there myself! Well, to be exact, it's just that my name is on the list so far, and the upcoming season is going to be huge for me. I have got plenty things to prove, and I must get on with it right from the beginning.

Were you surprised that you'd been included in the list?

Well, if they named me there, that means that i'm already worth something! I'm eager to prove that it is rightfully so, that I'm worthy to play alongside our stars. Just like any player, not only Russian ones.

Don't you bear grudge against the NT coaches who weren't even considering you for the Worlds roster mere three months ago?

There were never bad blood between me and any coach. There's management who is in charge of these things, they are coming up with the rosters. I'm not in position to judge them, I won't comment on how much you have to practice, you just have to wait for your chance. As a fan of our National team I always followed its games though, and even more now, after I have played and worked with some of our star players. Knowing them, I felt for them even stronger.

Two of your Edmonton teammates, Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle, were invited to Canada's Olympic camp. Have you contacted them already?

Sure. Coincidentally we have same difficulties. Because of complex situation with insurance both our teams, just like the Americans, won't be able to have a full-scale training camp in August. There's nothing the players can do with this though, there are people in charge of organizational issues, we are going to act according to what they say.

You sure had something to think about after your first NHL season. Have you already had a grasp on what fields are you going to have to improve in, what to fix and tweak?

I'm trying to improve every day. It's my life, I have to learn and make conclusions all the time if I want to become something, and it's true for everything, not just hockey.

Oilers have just drafted Bogdan Yakimov and Anton Slepyshev. Have they approached you for advice yet?

I talked to my fellow Nizhnekamsk boy Bogdan before draft, then I congratulated him, but we hadn't enough time for anything more yet. He is a strong kid, immensely physical. He and Anton have worked in the rookie camp, but both will start the season in Russia.

Were you surprised with Ilya Kovalchuk's decision to return to Russia?

Honestly, I was shocked. Every player has his own circumstances, every situation is unique, so we shouldn't put judgement on Ilya. Sure I'm not even thinking about ending my NHL career yet, it's just started, while Ilya is an established star player. Entire NHL teams are built around players like himself, Ovechkin, Malkin, Datsyuk, just like other stars - Canadians, Americans, Swedes, Czechs. They are immense characters!

What teammates you regard as stars?

Nikolai Khabibulin, though he has unfortunately left us for the Blackhawks. He was the most experienced and celebrated Oilers' player.

American media has recently passed news about the possibility of Oilers trading you, they think that Edmonton's management is going to add experienced players in expense of their younger talent. Were you unsettled over this gossip?

Trades in the NHL are just business. You can be traded any day, so I'm always prepared for it. The thing is though that I really want to be an Oilers player for a very long time. I love everything there - the town, the arena, the fans, the team, the board, the staff. That's why I hope that trades won't involve me.

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