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07-28-2013, 11:07 PM
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Originally Posted by ZeroPT View Post
Where un gods name did you see him asking for stamkos money? He is Not a terrible skater, he's slow but he is a very intelligent skater and has a good stride. Attitude? Again you're just spouting nonsense, he works hard,trains hard and does community events, he's not Colby Armstrong but he has a positive attitude and fives his all to the team. You're clueless.
I think the questions about his attitude come from his situation in Vancouver and having his parents and agent involved in asking the team to play him in a specific role which the club was not putting him in.

When your own teammates make fun of you as they did in the Canucks locker room, you have to consider that maybe there was something wrong with his attitude in Vancouver at least. I'm not saying that any of this stuff has or will ever come up in Buffalo, but it must have rubbed his teammates the wrong way for them to make fun of him the way they did because he was asking for specific roles/treatment as a rookie on a veteran team.

Given what had happened in Vancouver, where he was playing behind 2 undeniably better centers, who were both core players and leaders on the team, and having a rookie's parents/agent get involved in asking the team to play him in a different role, would you not question such a player's attitude? When your own teammates tape a "C" on your jersey as a rookie player because of such things coming out that he wanted to play a different role then what the coach put him in, how do you not question a player's attitude?

I don't know Cody personally, and everything else I've heard about him suggests he's a mature kid for his age, who's responsible and has qualities that could one day make him a captain. All I can base my opinions on is what has been released to the public with this situation. What we've been told is that his father and agent became involved and wanted the club to play him differently then they were, and that his teammates thought this was enough of a joke to tape a "C" on his jersey. To me that certainly opens the door to question his attitude, at least as far as his situation in Vancouver. I'm sure none of that has come up in Buffalo, given that he's not playing behind 2 better centers, and is getting all the top-6 icetime with top-6 linemates and scoring opportunities to score the best contract he can, so it's not surprising that he'd be happy there at all. We all knew that he, his father and agent were not happy with his role and situation in Vancouver. If he stayed in Vancouver long-term, it's very likely that his next contract, maybe next 2 contracts, would have been a lot lower than if he played somewhere he could put up more points in a top-6 role. We also know that his teammates, coaching staff and GM weren't happy with a rookie asking for any special treatment at all. Though I fully understand from a financial POV why his parents/agent would ask the team to put him in a better situation to produce or demand he get moved - that's a multi-million $$ impact longterm in his career. The team however was not in a position to cater to a rookie's financial hopes over the goals in place for the team, and that's what ultimately IMO forced the trade.

Having said that, I don't deny Cody being a solid top-end young player who will have a bright future in this league. He's got things to work on for sure, specifically his defensive game, but he's a hell of a talent overall. But the fact that he didn't want to play in Vancouver for whatever reason, as fans we move on and support the players that want to be here. Whatever attitude problems he had/has is tied to his situation in Vancouver and it doesn't mean that he'll have the same problems in Buffalo given that his situation is completely different there.

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