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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
Character is an issue. We've seen a lack of character offset tremendous talent in the Kostitsyns, Cole last season, Cammalleri the year before that.

More important, I think character is more important in a high-energy, collective game like hockey, than it is in the very individual one-play-at-a-time game of baseball. In baseball, it doesn't matter if you're playing for your team or your own stats when you're up at bat. When pitcher faces batter, talent may be all that matters.

The first thing I'd do is adjust those 'character-tests' given to Blue Jays prospects, to allow for maturity, evolution of confidence, etc. Obviously trying to quantify the psyche of a 19-year-old is tricky,
Very very good points about the difference between baseball and hockey.
Baseball looks more like a individual sport "kinda like golf" but when a player hits a homerun everyone on the bench is happy....I know I was when I played baseball.

High energy was not Alex Kovalev talent....but skill and attitude ripped through his veins....Character
Claude Lemieux....Character
Patrick Roy.....Character

You will always need a few " BAD BOYS " on the TEAM

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