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Originally Posted by Top 6 Spaling View Post
Where are the cheapest places online to find combo sets of leg pads, a catcher, and a blocker? I've checked goalie monkey and as nice as their gear is, their prices are a bit crazy. Any other ideas? Strongly prefer either Vaughn or Brian's pads.

Appreciate the help.
Truthfully, if you want cheap, going used off of eBay, is the way to go. Vaughn and Brian's, don't really have an entry level pad per se, and most hockey shops, are priced relatively close, so there's no real advantage to one over another. You can usually find a decent set of pro level gear for pretty reasonable prices on eBay if you watch close. Also, watch your LHS and the sites for clearance stuff. Did you check on GM's clearance page at all? You'll get mismatch more often than not going that way, but your odds of picking up a brand new matching set for any less than regular prices, are pretty slim, and by the time you pay that, you may as well go custom.

Originally Posted by Top 6 Spaling View Post
Update: Found a nice looking set of Vaughn's in the size and color scheme I want at for just under one grand. At this point, that's my best find. I'm looking through ebay, but it's very tough to find exactly the colors and size that I need (I'm pretty tall, so 36" is the minimum).
Just saw also might wanna look into a manufacturer like Battram or Simmons. The Simmons UL series, is based loosely off of Vaughn gear, and is hundreds less. Plus, he can customize it to your every need. You're looking at around $1600-1800 for pads and gloves after taxes and delivery.

The Simmons stuff, is pro quality stuff, and Simmons himself, is an ex-NHL keeper, so they know their stuff. You won't find a better price for custom stuff, and you can really build them to suit you, instead of settling for the options on an off the shelf set that you may or may not like.

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