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Originally Posted by Axman View Post
Do any of you do any competitive running? Doing a very hilly 5k race in 2 months and a Spartan Race in early fall.

Anyone have any experience with obstacle course runs?
Enjoy! Shoes, its what you feel best in. I suggest listening to the poster who said get some shoes to train in that are nice but a pair you can wreck in the 5K and Spartan Race. The shoes for the 5k should be fine for the Spartan. You might be able to keep them beyond that if you clean up well.

I've done Mudder, Ruckus, Run for Your Lives and some other stuff. Mudder was one of the best/worst things I've ever done. Seems the other poster had the same kinda experience I did. It was last April, 2012, in Ohio (was considered Michigans Mudder but they couldnt get any where in Mich.) and it was like 40-45 degrees with a light rain pretty much all day. So any water obstacle was awful.

I still enjoyed it though, just finishing was a pretty good feeling. If you do it with someone else it's even easier to do. Being in good shape helps but I saw some sloopy people there and they made it through. Its just not quiting and the fact that everyones there to help. As Jackie Moon said 'ELE....Everybody Love Everybody'. You get little breathers at certain obstacles bc you're waiting in line for your turn so keep that in mind. Doing the Pittsburgh Mudder on August 24th so interested to see how hot it'll be for it.

Good luck on your Spartan Run.

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