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Here is the terrible google translation. You can get the gist of it.

- What a great summer?

- Excellent! I managed to physically and mentally relax. But mostly combined with relaxation sessions. Slowly began to prepare for the season back in Turkey, where the vacationing with friends.

- Coaches "Edmonton" control the course of your summer activities?

- I have an individual training plan for the season, issued in the spring. And I'm doing it well. Myself, I am certainly not cheating, so there was no flaws. In Detroit, the same will continue to ice workout.

- Not too early? NHL Regular season starts only after two months.

- So after all the NHL begin to prepare yourself for the season over the last month and a half before the opening of training camps, clubs, and all the ocean has personal trainers. This is the CHL team is going in full force and starts to prepare. In America, all individually.

On the ice in Detroit will be engaged under the guidance of his agent, Professor Igor Larionov. On the ground, the same with me going to work another specialist. And so the whole of August. But in September, hope to come to a club camp is already well prepared.

- A few days ago the Russian national team coaching staff announced the expanded list of candidates for the Olympic team. How did you know that in the "list of 35" and have your name?

- A friend found out - and immediately rang the bell. After that, I myself made sure of this fact, having carefully studied the composition of the collections on the Internet. Of course, very happy - however, like any other ambitious player. Since my childhood I watched the Olympic Games only on TV, but there is a chance to play himself.

Although there is not. More precisely, my name is present in the extended list of candidates to participate in the Olympics. So the upcoming season will be very important - I have to prove a lot of things. Moreover, from the beginning of the season.

- Surprised that they were in "a list of 35"?

- If I was included in the expanded list, it means that I'm worth something. I want to prove the correctness of that choice. And I'm ready to play next to our stars. Like every normal hockey player, not only Russian.

- No offense to the national team coaches, who three months ago did not even consider your candidacy during the formation of the Russian team at the World Cup?

- I never took offense at coaches. There is a guide, there are coaches, and they decide who to invite to the national team. I can not judge how much to exercise, you just need to wait for his chance. But as a fan I always watched the matches of the national team, especially since some of our stars playing together and trained. Knowing them, very worried about the national team.


- Two of your partner "Edmonton" - forwards Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall - hit the extended list of candidates for the Canadian Olympic team. Already talked to them?

- Of course. It is interesting that the problems we have in common. Because of the ambiguity with insurances in August will not be able to conduct a full-fledged ice dues nor our Olympic team, no Canadian or American. So after all of the players here do not depend on, there are people who deal with organizational issues. As they say, are we going to do.

- At the end of the first season in the NHL you will surely have made them any conclusions. You know where you need to add that to correct and adjust?

- Every day I add. It is a life in which, if you want to achieve something, you need to study all the time, make conclusions for themselves. By the way, not only in hockey.

- In the summer, "Edmonton" drafted forwards Anton Slepysheva and Bogdan Yakimov. They've already asked you advice?

- Before the NHL Draft spoke with Bogdan close range. I congratulated countryman, but the time for greater communication was not. Yakimov - very strong, healthy guy. Both he and Slepyshev worked in the camp newcomers, but the upcoming season will start in Russia.

DECISION Kovalchuk was bowled

- Are you surprised by the decision 30-year-old star of "New Jersey" by Ilya Kovalchuk's return home from the NHL in Russia?

- To be honest, surprised. Even shocked. Each player has their own circumstances, its own life, you can not judge Kovalchuk - it's his choice. I have something, of course, do not even think while finishing his career in the NHL, it has only just begun ... And Kovalchuk - a very good player. At such as he is, Alexander Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin, Pavel Datsyuk, the whole game is based NHL teams. As, of course, and on other stars - Canadian, American, Swedish, Czech. Pleased that Russian hockey fans in America go, because our guys make the game. They - a huge figure!

- Which of your teammates can name the stars?

- Nikolai Khabibulin, though, alas, he was already gone, recently signed a contract with "Chicago Blackhawks". It was the most experienced player and the famous "Edmonton".

- Not so long ago, North America was a wave of rumors about your possible exchange of "Edmonton", whose leadership through the exchange of talented young people want to join the ranks of the team more experienced players. Do not unnerved by this talk?

- Exchanges in the NHL - it's business. Such a thing can happen any day, so I am always ready to exchange. That's just really want to play in Edmonton for a long time. I love everything - the city, the stadium, the fans, the team, the management, the people working at the club. So I hope to avoid the transfer.

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