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07-29-2013, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Skead View Post
I think you underestimate just how bad Hodgson was defensively; last season he was the 15th easiest player to score on (GP>40). Kassian was nowhere near that and he was employed on all lines.

And as for Sheltered minutes that would boost your offensive production since you're facing weaker competition. MG already admitted to putting CoHo in very favorable offensive situations.

They're both young, a lot could happen. Kassian could become a 3rd/4th line meatgrinder only or could be a 2nd/1st line powerforward. Hodgson could be a 3rd line center with limited ice or a 1st/2nd line center with solid two way play.
You're right about Kassian, but at this point, Cody is already AT LEAST a #2C. He was considered an elite 2-way player in juniors, so I see no reason that he can't dramatically improve at this level.

The difference between these two IMO is in the work ethic and attitude. When Kassian was given chances in Buffalo, he completely took them for granted, and basically forced Darcy's hand in trading him. He's got all the talent to be a top power forward, but I'm not so sure he's got the heart to ever get there. In Cody though, I see that heart that makes a great player/captain. I think all the talk of his "attitude" in Vancouver is completely overblown. His parents and agents were pushing for him to be put into a better position to succeed, and they found it in Buffalo. Now that he's here, he's putting in the work, and we're seeing the results.

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