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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
So that's it? One stat over a 70 or so game span means 1) that Gus is a top four defender and 2) that Gus is better than Mesz. To begin with, I don't place as much stock in a stat like CORSI as most do on here. But if we are going to go with this type of stat let's look at quality of competition as well, which Mesz has a better rating in during each of those seasons (6 vs. 0 last year, -3.4 vs. 5.6 two years ago, and -1.7 vs. -13.1 three years ago). That surely factors in, doesn't it?
Well, Gustafsson's QoC stat is based on the quality of opponent's CORSI. Behindthenet got rid of the previous QoC stat and replaced it with this, which I assume is the same thing under a different name...

(27 GP) Gustafsson: 0.349
(11 GP) Meszaros: -0.479

(30 GP) Gustafsson: -0.603 (He was not needed in the top 4 so only filled in on the bottom pairing)
(62 GP) Meszaros: -0.040

(3 GP) Gustafsson: 0.262
(81 GP) Meszaros: 0.089 (5th out of 6 defensemen who played at least 50 games in his "best-defenseman" year)

Then for offense...

Meszaros averaged 2:02 on PP, 1:18 on PK, and 15:07 at EV during his 11-game stint. He only had 2 points last year, one on the PP and one at EV.

Gustafsson averaged 1:35 on the PP, 1:18 on the PK, and 17:14 at EV through 27 games. He had 7 EV points to tie for the lead at a 21 EV point-pace through an 82 game season. Timonen only tied him at a 21 EV point-pace. Gus only had 1 PP point.

Meszaros averaged 1:24 on PP, 2:24 on PK, and 16:51 at EV through 62 games. He paced for 29 points through 82 games at EV and 4 points through 82 games on PP.

Gustafsson averaged 0:33 on PP, 0:19 on PK, and 15:55 at EV through 30 games. He paced for 11 points through 82 games at EV on bottom pairing minutes and had virtually no PP time, so he recorded no points. This lack of production is relative to his position at the time. He was not given heavy minutes because there was no need for it.

Meszaros averaged 2:26 on PP, 2:02 on PK, and 16:38 at EV through 81 games. He paced for 26 EV points and 6 PP points.

Gustafsson averaged 0:13 on PP, no time on the PK, and 10:43 at EV through 3 games. He produced no points, but that was an obvious result considering his TOI.

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