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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Because MLB is a bunch of cowards. They want to clean up the sport (they say) but don't want to risk people not watchign because it is boring/their favorite players are gone. IMO, they need to **** or get off the pot. Clean up the game or let people cheat. You can't sit there and say steroids are ruining the game, then let people cheat, which is effectively what they are doing with the current situation (three strikes and you're out). If they want to be serious, it has to be one and done. If it isn't there is no incentive to stop with the steroids. Do it for a couple years, get a monster deal, then take a 50 game suspension IF you get caught. If you don't, just keep taking them and making money. If you do, big deal its 50 games. Keep going and you get 100 games. THEN if you get caught a THIRD time, you're done for life. But at that point you've had a ten year career and made a gillion dollars, so who gives a ****?
Braun's really the only guy in that case that falls under that category, the rest are a bunch of average players to nobody's & a has been in A-Rod's case.

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