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07-29-2013, 11:35 AM
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If you can stay away from supplements, do it. I would say supplements are required only if your deficient in that certain vitamin or nutrient. Unprocessed foods (organic when you can) can offer you any and all vitamins and nutrients you want/need.

Creatine for example is already produced mostly in your own body. Wild game of fish and meat can then take up the rest of the amount of creatine you need.

Here is why.

Synthetic Creatine like all supplements cause side effects. Synthetic Creatine MAY cause weight gain, nausea, stomach problems, dehydration as well as muscle cramps, kidney issues, hypertension and much more.

You say that you do a lot of crossfit and hockey. Depending the exact definition you have of "A LOT" would depend how much more creatine your body needs and if you should even care to take a supplement at all. Like I said, I would highly recommend staying natural as best as possible.

If you are truly doing a lot of it. Probably somewhere near everyday activity. And I would even have to go as far as saying if you doing two-a-days consistently is when you should CONSIDER doing supplements like Creatine.

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