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07-29-2013, 11:53 AM
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Hmmm… I see he had 7 points in the 10 games Vanek missed.

1 goal (Pominville assisted on it) 6 assists (3 of which came on Pominville goals) [/QUOTE]

He was on the ice with pominville what do you want him to do score ten unassisted goals? He fit in with Vanek and Pommer and if you watched the games he actually created a lot of that offence. A bunch of daniel sedins goals were assisted by henrik sedin I guess he must be riding henriks coattails right?[/QUOTE]

Way to come in on the middle of a conversation bro.

The conversation was about the 32 games in which CoHo scored 28 points...

and how much of that could be attributed to playing with JP + TV while they were hot.


Those who like to think Canuck fans besmirch CoHo 's attitude just because he was traded away should take note of how Canuck fans still rave about Schneider's great attitude. It's hard to place a value on CoHo right now due to the small sample size and the fact he has defensive issues... and skating issues... and attitude issues. He's young, he may very well overcome these issues in time.

I hope he does.

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