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07-29-2013, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by nevermore View Post
Because, as mentioned, Richards' and Toews' line neutralized one another. That included Kane. He didn't do anything special or different that made him stand out.
Kane had over a PPG in the series. It doesn't matter that the Toews and Richards lines were shut down. Kane was still their best offensive player and he still showed up. Richards and Carter were the Flyers best offensive players. Neither showed up. Think of it this way, if Richards=Toews and Carter=Kane, Carter having a series like Kane would have had the same impact as getting better play in net (it isn't too much to ask for one of your best players to show up when it should be expected if you want to win the Cup). I'm not sure how you could dispute that.

If you want to blame someone other than the 3rd paring or Leighton, look to the coach.
Quenneville completely mixed up his lines once the Flyers started to become the better team. Laviolette stuck with his guns and had the 3 best defensive forwards go against Toews, Tomas freaking Kopecky, and a Hossa who didn't do much in the series even before changing places with Kane.
And that's fine, throw that on the pile then. I am not looking to excuse Leighton (or anyone). I am simply saying that it was more than bad goaltending that lost the Cup for the Flyers and to argue otherwise is silly.

You say Chicago's situation regarding their top players was different, but it wasn't. Hossa and Toews (both .89 PPG in the regular season) combined for 1 goal and 4 assists.
The difference was Leighton letting guys like Bolland and Brouwer combine for 11 points in 12 games.
Toews and Hossa weren't their best players. Toews and Kane were. Both were at the top of the list in scoring during the playoffs and regular season (like Richards and Carter). In other words, those are the two guys they relied upon most for offense throughout the season. When it got to the Finals, Toews crapped out, Kane didn't. When it got to the Finals for the Flyers, Richards and Carter both crapped out. For the Blackhawks their primary scoring (Kane and Toews) showed up along with their secondary scoring (the rest of the team). For the Flyers their primary scoring (Richards and Carter) did not show up but their secondary scoring did. You need both to win it all (coupled with good defense and goaltending, of course).

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