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07-29-2013, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Strangelove View Post
Those who like to think Canuck fans besmirch CoHo 's attitude just because he was traded away should take note of how Canuck fans still rave about Schneider's great attitude. It's hard to place a value on CoHo right now due to the small sample size and the fact he has defensive issues... and skating issues... and attitude issues. He's young, he may very well overcome these issues in time.

I hope he does.
Ummm... No, no, and no.

Defensive issues: Hodgson became Buffalo's #1 center this past season, on a line with Vanek and Pominville. Pominville had one of his worst defensive seasons ever, and Vanek is certainly not known for defensive effort. Hodgson was put into a score-first role, and performed it excellently. He was a renowned two-way prospect, and we know he can play defense. The emphasis this past season was not on defense, it was on offense. Do you expect a 23yr old, first time #1C, to put up good defensive numbers against the other first lines of the Eastern Conference? He'll get there, its only a matter of time.

Skating issues: When Cody arrived in Buffalo, his skating left a lot to be desired. Over the offseason, he worked with both Gary Roberts, and Dawn Braid, a skating specialist and instructor that has improved the skating of many, many players, including John Tavares. In 12-13, he made huge strides in skating, and was noticeably better than the season prior. He has gone from 'bad skater' to 'average skater', and is still working on that aspect.

Attitude Issues: In Van, Cody and his camp campaigned for a different role on the team in order to help him improve and succeed. They got it when he was traded to Buffalo. Where are these supposed "Attitude issues"? Of the three things you listed, this is the most ludicrous by far. Do you have quotes of Cody addressing the media and bashing his teammates, or complaining about the coaches, or anything like that? His attitude has been stellar in Buffalo. I mean, do you really believe what you just wrote?

So yeah, great analysis.

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