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07-29-2013, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by MaxHabs24 View Post
WOW, he's that bad defensively? I thought he was at least average but after reading your post I think he needs another year in the AHL, we will see after.

I expect 10 games in the NHL in 2013-14 (if no injuries) and a lot more in 2014-15.
I don't think he is as terrible defensively as some make him out to be. True, he looked lost in his own zone at times last season but he also went from being on a dominant Jr. team to a cellar dwelling AHL team. I thought he made a lot of progress defensively as the season went on but the biggest improvement was managing his frustration level and thinking a little clearer which helped to minimize his 'looking lost' moments. Considering that he is only 20, I think he is on the right track and while he may never dominate defensively, I think he will be respectable.

Originally Posted by ahabsfanfromtoronto View Post
I see him as a James Wisniewski with a bit more size. This is not a bad thing as I quite like the Wiz. Hopefully his defence turns out better than the Wiz's though, otherwise he'll be relegated to a #4dman/pp specialist...
While I think Wiz is the perfect comparison for him, development wise, I think he could really benefit, and potentially surpass Wiz, if he were to take a similar path as P.K. We know he is going to have more then a few bumps in the road defensively so pairing him with a defensively responsible leader (say Gorges or, this season to a lesser extent, Boullion) may really round him out in the long run.

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