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Originally Posted by kento19 View Post
Creatine is prove effective, but I don't think it's much of a need for hockey players or somebody who does crossfit. It will make you gain weight which will slow you down. It is just water weight though. Once you stop taking it you will notice a few pounds have dropped from your scale, and your body wont look as bloated.
As for physical boost. It will give you gains at the gym. Not much but some. I went up 10 pounds after a week the first time I took it in dumbell press, but in all fairness I was about ready to go up 5 pounds that week anyway. So really it helped me push 75 pounds per hand instead of 70 which isn't that much of an increase. When i stopped using it my lifts stayed the same as well. There was no decrease.

Creatine is up to you. IT doesn't hurt but it isn't going to help much for hockey purposes either. If you love the gym and love lifting more and looking a little bigger it's an easy way to go.
That is not entirely all true. Creatine is a necessary part of your body and physical ability. The more you work out and exhaust yourself, the more creatine your body needs. But 50% of the creatine in your body is naturally made like Testosterone.

Creatine is found in wild game. Beef contains like 5g of creatine. Salmon just about the same. No side effects. Creatine helps in building lean muscle and gives you necessary energy for it.

Synthetic Creatine as I explained above is a supplement like in which you are talking about, where it is a concentrated amount of creatine you intake at a given time. But like I said, it creates dehydration and other underlining issues. So unless your doing two-a-days and you need faster recovery, why take a supplement when you can have the real thing? You never really want to start intaking something that causes you to dehydrate. Even if you drink more water or eat more fruits, your just basically counter balancing the two every time.

Benefits of having natural creatine like beef is that beef also supplies you with other natural nutrients like protein, iron, zinc and much much more and it tastes way better. But dont have red meat or salmon too much in a week or in a day.

Its important to have a well diverse diet.

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