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Originally Posted by Justified View Post
I understand Utley is still a great player, but he is one of the few pieces who can be moved and get a great return on. This team needs to get younger and resigning a 34 year old player to a multi year deal with chronic knee problems is bad business (something that Amaro is great at). This team wont compete for a World Series until Amaro is gone and they bring someone in who actually understands baseball.
This is what I don't get though. You just said you believe Utley is a 34 yr old with chronic knee problems. Why would a team want to give up a top prospect for that? A rental no less. You don't want to sign him cause you think he's old and broken down, why would others be so keen to give up a top prospect and sign him?

I still believe utley is valuable but I feel like a lot of people and teams don't feel the same way. So you'd end up getting a 2nd rate prospect for him and you'd have Hernandez at 2nd base who will probably not even reach the player utley is now.

They would be fine if they just did what I said above. They get younger, they lose bad contracts, they still have marketable players to draw people to games, they're still competitive next year.

The only downside is they will have to lose some money cause of their mistakes in signing a lot of these guys. But sorry if I don't feel bad for guys who are about to get a 5 billion dollar tv contract.

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