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07-29-2013, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by tantalum View Post
A few facts beyond Hodgson's promising offense and not so promising defensive play and skating...

-the back injury. NFITO is absolutely correct. The Canuck doctors misdiagnosed the problem. After the treatment (rest) didn't work the Hodgson camp solicited 2nd and 3rd opinions which agreed with the initial assessments. in the end the canucks doctors figured out the problem. The canucks did not mishandle the injury anymore than other teams of doctors did. Nor do I think what AV said about it was some gross insult. He said what the doctors were saying. Hodgson and his camp took it personally.

-the canucks used Hodgson in very specific circumstances. Soft matchups (which he was losing btw) and PP time.

-moving Kesler to the wing was never going to happen. He is a 40 goal scoring selke winner for goodness sakes. It was a stupid suggestion (and still is IMO).

-He was never going to replace Henrik is a superior player

-Ritch Winter foolishly tweeted that they indeed asked for a more prominent role on the team and more icetime.

-The canucks acquired Sami Pahlsson on deadline day hours before they had anything in place with Hodgson. They acquired Pahlsson to be the third line center. You know the place Hodgson played.

-The 4th line center was LaPierre and likely to remain so

-Henrik, Kesler, Pahlsson, and LaPierre at center. Hodgson unable to play the wing. The math is simple and the answer obvious, at least to me, as to where Hodgson was going to be down the stretch and in the playoffs.

That was why he was traded when he was. At the peak of his value. Before the healthy scratches and inevitable trade demands began to happen.

that isn't to say Hodgson isn't a promising player. He certainly is. but he DID (or his camp for him) ask for a bigger role and more icetime. It was a "me, me, me" move. It wasn't a request for the betterment of the team but the betterment of Cody's bank account ('cause I would argue that being forced to develop his defensive game earlier rather than later would be for the betterment of Cody the player).

Had they reined in the demands and been content to learn from one of the best offensive centers in the league and one of the best defensive centers in the league, coupled with the injuries this past season you likely would be seeing a better Cody Hodgson than the one that ended the year in Buffalo. However, he still wouldn't be Henrik or Kesler, he would still be the #3 center.
Do you know this to be fact? Because I have a very hard time believing that. I believe they were dabbling in the idea of trading Hodgson for a while, talks heated up on deadline day, so they made the deal to acquiring Pahlsson knowing full well that Hodgson was very likely on his way on. Also, had the Hodgson deal fell through, I don't think there's any guarantee on who plays where. Who says Hodgson wouldn't have been played more on the wing? He was on JTs wing during the WJC tournament. Is this all speculative on your part? Because the way you are portraying yourself, it seems as if you are citing facts.

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