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Originally Posted by silvercanuck View Post
Unfortunately things are a lot more complicated than that. The NFL may be the most successful league but that does not mean their model can be used for other sports. The NHL does not play all of it's games on Sunday, hence there is a strong need for teams to play games within their local time zone. I also believe that geographical names make a lot more sense than naming divisions after an arbitrary collection of owners and players.

TV scheduling is the big thing here. The NHL should expand to Seattle/Portland and then set up a divisional playoff format in the west. I also think the Eastern teams should all play an equal number of games against their conference opponents to even out travel and ensure that no team gets left out of the rivalry factor.

yeah bi-coastal conferences only work where you have games that are weekly (NFL) or you play a 3-4 day series in each city (MLB). You can't do that in sports like NHL/NBA where you play multiple one off games each week in different cities. The travel would be brutal.

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