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07-29-2013, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
He's probably talking about the big Sony hack from a few years ago that ended up with thousands of account's details and credit cards all over the internet.

No, it's not a problem now, but the fact that it happened is definitely a knack against Sony.

And in all honesty, I would probably be going Sony if not for Halo + my invested gamertag and friends list. But Halo is like the franchise for me. I cannot go into a generation of consoles without having the possibility of playing a console Halo game. It's just what it comes down to for me.
For me it is the controller. The MS one is meant for gaming. I'm still on the fence, but that is why I want to see how the systems react once they go live in 4Q first.

Originally Posted by Vashanesh View Post
In an effort for clarity, Microsoft hasn't lost any of my info, either. It's just not something I worry about.
In this day and age, I'm concerned. Too many companies state their infrastructure is secure and then get their ***** handed to them once a DDos or Spearing attacks happens to them. Sony just happened to be one of the biggest gaming ones to happen. And the fact they "claimed" it was resolved and then had it happen again makes me concerned about how serious they are truly taking it.

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