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Since the lockout (05 ofc)

2006: Carolina 2.71 GPG over Edmonton 2.57 GPG
2007: Anaheim 3.2 GPG over Ottawa 2.2 GPG
2008: Detroit 2.83 GPG over Pittsburgh 1.66 GPG
2009: Pittsburgh 2 GPG over Detroit 2.42 GPG
2010: Chicago 4.16 GPG over Philadelphia 3.67 GPG
2011: Boston 3.28 GPG over Vancouver 1.14 GPG
2012: LA 2.67 GPG over New Jersey 1.33 GPG
2013: Chicago 2.43 GPG over Boston 2.5 GPG

We had the 2nd most GPG of any of the 16 teams who have contested a final since the lockout. 3.67 GPG wins any other Cup final since then. We were also one of the most consistent 10 offences in scoring in Finals history... including winners, and still lost.

Heck, the last time a team scored more than 3GPG and lost was The North Stars in 1981.

The last time a team scored more than 3.67 GPG in a Stanley cup series and lost?

Flyers in 1980!

Since the Stanley Cup has been awarded to the victor of a series of games, in 1914, there have only been three losers with more GPG than the 2010 Flyers, us in 1980, the 1973 Black Hawks and 1918 Vancouver Millionaires.

The last team to score 4 or more goals in 4 games and lose the finals?

No one... ever, we are the only one.

Teams scoring 4 or more goals in 5 games, including winners?

1991 Penguins... that is it, we score another goal in game 6 (to win) and we have the greatest offence in the history of the Stanley Cup Final in terms of consistency.

The last team to score 3 or more goals in 5 games and lose the finals?

1942 Detroit Red Wings... the only other team, and they scored more than 3 only once.

Saying we could have scored more, regardless of who scored them, is pretty infeasible, as we would have had to be the best consistent, high scoring offence in NHL history to score just 1-2 more goals.

If Carter and Richards score 1 more goal each we have the 2nd highest GPG in history of losers (after 1980 Flyers!), are the most consistently offensive team in the history of the Stanley cup (including winners) and Chicago still would have had more GPG than us!

From a statistical standpoint we scored as many goals as could be asked for, any more and we are the most consistent high scoring team in Finals history... as it is (with 4 or more in 4 games) less than 5 other winners were as consistently good as us offensively in 2010!

Our Goaltending was almost entirely to blame, both from the 'eye' test, and statistically. Like 90%. I have never seen so many soft goals given up in a Finals as we gave up in 2010.

Our Goalies SV% was .872... in a finals. If our goaltending is even average, or slightly below, we win.

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