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Originally Posted by RomersWorld View Post
You are arguing in circles and I really don't even understand what point you are trying to make. Crawford had a better SV% head to head with Niemi. That is a fact and GAA is a team stat. Crawford also by a majority of accounts was better during preseason but Niemi had to pass through waivers and Crawford didn't. Why would the Hawks throw away an asset for nothing? They were only fighting for a backup job anyways. Would you rather have your "future goalie" playing 65 games in Rockford or 15-20 games as a backup in the NHL? That was the likely thought process plus one was waiver exempt and one wasn't. They thought Huet was the clear #1 goalie if the present so Niemi eventually winning the starting job and Huet completely sucking is what happened after the fact. They likely didn't see either Niemi or Crawford being the starter in the playoffs that year.

Just because Khabibulin is the backup this year doesn't mean they think he is a better future goalie than Raanta or think he is even better right now. Crawford is the starter and they might want Raanta getting more playing time and experience in Rockford rather than be a backup for 20 games. If Crawford completely sucks and loses the starting job while Bulin is playing great...that wouldn't have been planned or expected by the Hawks.
Uh no not really.....GAA may be a "team" stat but it's also a much more reliable one than save percentage......what you need to use with save percentage is how many of the shots saved were QUALITY scoring chances.
I can face 10 shots all from the point or beyond and stop 9 of them, and an NHL goalie can face 10 shots from between the circles at the hash marks and stop 7 of them.....doesn't that mean I'm a better goalie? Afterall my save percentage is 90% while his is only fact using those numbers one could say he even sucks compared to me.
Save percentage is a very arbitrary stat......

The point im trying make with all my post is simple....Seen crawford play all thru the minors up til now and he's not as good as he's being made out to be, he caught lightning in a bottle and taking advantage of it, good on him. But he's not worth the numbers being thrown around on this board, nor will he get anywhere near that from chicago as bowman is very reluctant to pay his goalies big money, since their system relies so heavily on the D and Forwards blocking shots and forcing shooters wide or into low percentage areas.

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