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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
He hasn't demonstrated anything. He's played 60 games over three years in the NHL.
Stop thinking about what Gustafsson has or has not achieved. The argument at hand is whether or not he is a better player than Meszaros. This is Meszaros vs. Gustafsson and you keep changing the subject. This is not Top 4 Defenseman vs. Gustafsson. This is a very specific discussion based on who would be better to have in the lineup. While you say that you are for trading Meszaros to play Gustafsson, you would rather play Meszaros if both are in the lineup. Remember that they are playing in the 3rd pairing role regardless of who is playing.

Also, stop saying "60 mediocre games." They were split half and half between mediocre games in a limited role and extremely solid games in a much larger role.

Now that we have that settled and clearly understood, we can get back into this discussion.

From the minute Meszaros fell to injury on March 1st, 2012, he has not been the same "top 4" Meszaros that you expect. When he did return from injury for 11 games, he was easily the worst defenseman in the lineup. Statistics I posted back that up fairly thoroughly. Then he went down with another injury. He has had 3 injuries since that March 1st date, and by the end of August, it will be a year and a half since he could be considered a "top 4" defenseman. I don't know about you, but when a player hasn't been playing at a "top" level for a year and a half, I no longer consider him at that level anymore. He has just as much to prove if not more than Gustafsson, since Gustafsson has proven he can log effective minutes at the NHL level in a top 4 role regardless of whether or not you want to call him a "top 4" defenseman.

Let's conduct an experiment using Gustafsson's 57 NHL games in the last two seasons and Meszaros' 62 NHL games in 2011-12. I'm going to omit Meszaros' 11-game injured stint in 2012-13 on the basis that he was injured and not on the top of his game. This is to compare Meszaros, as a top 4 defenseman, against Gustafsson, as whatever you want to consider him at this point in his career. I want to re-emphasize that I am using Meszaros' HEALTHY STATISTICS from 2011-12.

Average Quality of Competition CORSI
Meszaros: -0.923
Gustafsson: -0.019

Average CORSI Performance Against Competition
Meszaros: -1.70
Gustafsson: -0.08

Average Points Per Season At 15 Even Strength Minutes Per Game
Meszaros: 25.83
Gustafsson: 19.13

Average Points Per Season At 2 Powerplay Minutes Per Game
Meszaros: 5.67
Gustafsson: 2.75

Average Hits Per Season At 18 Minutes Per Game
Meszaros: 165.77
Gustafsson: 43.61

Average Blocked Shots Per Season At 18 Minutes Per Game
Meszaros: 101.38
Gustafsson: 103.63

Gustafsson was a more productive defensive player and a less productive offensive player against tougher average competition.

Meszaros was a less productive defensive player and a more productive offensive player against weaker average competition.

Meszaros and Gustafsson were about equal at blocked shots while Meszaros kicked Gustafsson's ass at hitting, which was to be expected.

This was the level of competition between Meszaros and Gustafsson BEFORE Meszaros got injured. He wasn't even definitely a better player before his 3 injuries and what amounts to basically a year and a half of recovery. How is he one now?

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