Thread: Proposal: Lars Eller for Steve Downie
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07-29-2013, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Gigantor The Goalie View Post
Do we have a different Downie on our team? Dave Downie? Since when was Steve Downie garbage? Since when was Lars Eller so good?
It's just that Eller progressed significantly since getting in Montreal, culminating last season where he was scoring at a +- 50-55 points pace while having no PP time, on a team which pretty much rolls three offensive lines, all the while playing a good defensive game (not great by any mean, but good).

There were even nights... actually, quite a few of them... where he was Montreal's best forward last season. One could even say that he was Montreal's best forward last season (I don't agree with that assertion, but it's not totally far off).

I'm also one of Eller's biggest doubters on Montreal's board.

There are reasons to believe that Downie "plateaued" -- and that has nothing to do with his injury. And there are also reasons to believe that Eller hasn't plateau'ed yet, considering he really shown steady improved since making it to the NHL (basically, when he got traded to Montreal).

This said, there's absolutely no point for Colorado to do this trade. Eller is, for a lack of a better word, lost at wing (especialy at LW for whatever reason).

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