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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Off the top of my head, I'm modestly sure Edmonton has won a Cup where Gretzky wasn't the best offensive player in the Finals. That's about as extreme an example as you can get...the greatest offensive player of all time, and his team manages to win without him producing at his normal rate.

I highly doubt they could have won with the worst starting goalie in the Finals of all time, though.

Edit: 1984, I believe.
Crosby sucked in 09. Points in 2 games out of 7. Malkin and Talbot shouldered the offence! Fedotenko, Staal and Kennedy also did more than him.

Selanne for the Ducks in 07 is comparable... he was no where tbh apart from in one game, couldn't score for love nor money after coming into the series as the leading scorer in the Playoffs and the regular season, and far and away there best forward and Mr. Clutch for them that year. He ended up getting demoted and Perry and Getzlaf took the slack... But they also had awesome goaltending as well as secondary players stepping up.

Datsyuk and Zetterberg in 08 was not 'Normal' either if I remember correctly, were Filppula and Samuelsson not the best offensive players for them as they had easy minutes as Dats and Zetterberg neutralised Crosby and Malkin and were out against them almost all the time? I still remember Zetterberg having one amazing game though... and they probably put up points even while not carrying the team offensively, so maybe not the best comparison.

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