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Originally Posted by jml87 View Post
How does it help us? Taking account for the fact that Amaro is the GM, what do you think the return will be? It's certainly not going to be a Wheeler return. And who are you going to replace him with? Hernandez? Are you just going to slot a scrub in there?

You can rebuild and still compete. They just signed Gonzalez, they obviously want to continue to compete. Biddle and Franco are close. Trade Lee, get at least one of their best prospects. Get rid of Rollins, Pabelbon, and try to get rid of Howard. Obviously you are going to pay a lot of their contracts, but it'll be better in the long run. Then you have a lot of great young players to build around and you can still compete.

You are not going to get the value back for Utley that he is worth. And there's nothing that says that he's going to suddenly regress awfully over the next two years. Why not keep him?
What if Amaro re-signs him to one of his bonehead extensions he's been known to give out? We can play these what ifs based off of Amaro's stupidity all day.

With Papelbon, Howard, & Rollins unlikely to be moved there will still be some veteran's left on the team.

You could even move Ashe to 2nd & find a guy to platoon with him.

Utley & Lee are our only real legit trade pieces at this point, the team needs a major shakeup. If the returns turn out to be bad then Amaro gets fired & that's a win in itself.

The bottom line is this team is going to suck for the next few years regardless if Utley or Lee are here or not so why not suck with some potential to be better in the future?

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