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11-03-2006, 01:22 AM
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Originally Posted by #2eddieshore View Post
Also saying that CHL teams would lose to Elite league teams because they would be pushed around is wrong. The CHL may be junior but those guys actually throw hit after hit in their games and play with high intensity, the Elite league teams wouldn't know what had hit them.

I'd say at least half of the Elite League teams are comprised of ex-CHL, NCAA, RSL, SEL, DEL, SVK players, etc. Add to that a lotta good British players and - yes, a CHL team would most definately lose to an Elite league squad.

Seriously, look at the past stats of EIHL players who played in the CHL or NCAA. The vast majority did extremely well (ppg+ players). No reason these same guys (older and stronger) couldn't dominate a CHL team.

The CHL obviously has the best junior talent in the world....but it's still a teenagers league.

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