Thread: Proposal: Lars Eller for Steve Downie
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07-29-2013, 08:33 PM
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Value is subjective to each team.
Eller's value to the Avs is < his value to other teams due to Avs' center depth.
Downie's value to the Avs is > than to many teams because of the lack of Avs' depth at RW as well as lack of gritty wingers capable of playing quality hockey along side while also offering some "protection" to MacKinnon.

So in this trade Downie>Eller for the Avs.

Also, as to the argument of the Avs just flipping Eller again to another team:
he would not be enough to get the caliber of defenseman the Avs need, and so factoring in the hole left by Downie's absence and whatever else is lost in a package, it is still a situation where Eller<Downie from an Avs perspective.

Avs have McGinn and McLeod that have size/grit who are more likely to be moved than Downie since the Avs have enough depth at LW to compensate for their departure. If you would want to revisit the McGinn + for Gorges, than that would likely be a trade that both teams could come out winners in.

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