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07-29-2013, 08:43 PM
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Originally Posted by dackelljuneaubulis02 View Post
Wow. I'd be shocked if he only needed a year. Doesn't look like a player I'd like to rush. Seems like a player that will need time to grow into his body.

You'd have to think at least a year in Hamilton. Sure we need size but not enough to give him the Lats treatment and chop his ceiling in half.
Seems like a player who will need to grow into his body? The kid weights 240 pounds...and it ain't fat! He's done plenty of "growing into his body" already..believe me. If Tom Wilson is ready 9 months after his draft, wouldn't shock me if McCarron is ready after 15 months..we shall see. Certainly he won't be sent back next season because he won't be ready physically...the kid is an oak tree.

Let's not make predictions on next year until he plays THIS season....all I said was he'd need at least a year in London, I'm not about to predict one way or another what will happen next season. It all depends on what he does this year. If he scores 70+ points and dominates the OHL physically...there's a good chance he's pushing for a spot next year on a roster that badly needs his type of presence. If he has trouble adapting to the OHL and gets beat up a few times, he'll be back for a second season with the Hunters.

Hunter and Murray didn't discount him being ready next season. As mentioned's very appealing for NHL clubs to have roster spots taken by ELC contracts thanks to the salary cap. If he's ready next season, he'll stick. They won't send him back because they're afraid someone might beat him up. He's not being groomed as a goon anyway.

No comparison to Lats - unlike Lats he's tough and can skate...and most importantly he's not French. He'll never feel the pressure a 19-year-old Lats did as the next French hope..the crowd chanting "Gui, Gui, Gui".....understandably it went to his head.

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