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07-29-2013, 09:53 PM
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At 25, Martin St. Louis had just scored 18 points in 55 NHL games and played some games in the minors. He was 27 when he first hit 20 goals.

Johan Franzen was 28 when he first hit 20 goals (though he didn't join the NHL until he was 25).

Pavel Datsyuk was 25 when he first had a 20 goal season.

Brian Rolston was 25 when he first had a 20 goal season.

PA Parenteau famously was 28 when he first hit 20 goals.

The NYR's own Derick Brassard still hasn't topped 20 goals or gotten to 50 points yet, but does not his recent success with the Rangers increase his trade value by a lot?

Fact is, we don't know Tlusty's performance next year. But the best indication is what he has done recently, due to him developing as a player and do to his future role on the team (as a first line player) matching with where he played a full season last year only. Canes fans aren't saying Tlusty will score 40 goals. We FULLY EXPECT for him to not continue an unsustainably high shooting percentage. However, he looks to be at least a 20 G scorer, with 30 G potential. Tons of great players take until their mid-to-late 20s to develop. I don't know why Tlusty can't possibly be one of these very many players.

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