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07-29-2013, 11:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Daddy Cane View Post
Fair enough. The funny thing is that I was never trying to argue that Tlusty was somehow proven. I was simply refuting a poor quantitative argument of why this stretch in his career was an aberation. In my opinion, it is simply a step ahead in his development as an NHL player. While Tlusty isnít a proven Top 6 forward as of yet, I donít think some labeling him as a 3rd liner is fair considering what heís done over the past 82 games and what I think he'll do moving forward. I guess that makes him an unproven Top 6 winger then. Likewise, I guess that makes Stepan an unproven 1C. I guess we just have a disagreement about semantics more than anything.
Eh I don't think it's fair to label him as a 2nd or a 3rd liner at this point. I think he's right in between on the cusp. Does he have the talent to be a top-6 forward? I don't think there's really any arguing that. However, I think the shooting percentage numbers are unsustainable for someone of his skill level and I don't see that repeating. It was like Petr Prucha in his rookie year. There were like 3 people in league that had a higher shooting percentage that year and one of them was Alex Tanguay. It was stupid. I also greatly dislike advanced statistics as separately, they come down to some intricate scenarios that don't always address the big issue that the eye test truly does.

Sabremetrics don't work in baseball. If they did, Billy Beane's A's would be a dynasty.

Sorry to go off on a tangent there, but I don't really think it's a matter of semantics as much as it's a matter of me wanting a full sample size and not 82 games over multiple seasons in Tlusty's case. Brassard had scored 25 points in 31 games with Columbus once. Hasn't take any strides to build on that until he came to NY and was a near point per game player down the stretch and was our top scorer in the playoffs. Stepan had a FANTASTIC season and he's arguably my favorite current Ranger, but I'd honestly still feel more comfortable going after the cup if either.... A. Brad Richards lived up to his contract and was giving us point per game or better hockey or B. Someone like Ryan Getzlaf was brought in. Then again, Clownarella is gone and hopefully AV can bring out the best in Stepan and bring Richards back to life in the same notion.

No interest whatsoever in Faulk for M. Staal straight-up, let alone Faulk+.
I can understand that completely, but at the same time, I would hope that you would understand why we would want Faulk for him. We can't afford to be dealing an all-star defenseman for less than what he's actually worth, regardless of injury status. He's worth more to us in the lineup now than on the market and he serves a greater purpose there as well. When he's in the lineup and healthy, you see the tremendous impact he has on this team.

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