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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
He found himself in a spot where he had to adapt to a new role because the team had several veteran players ahead of him at center. He did just that. Yet instead of being lauded for his mental strength, ability to adapt, and vastly improved defensive play, he gets pegged as a guy who couldn't beat out scrubs and score more points in a 'second rate' league.

Because the fact remains that he COULD NOT beat out the scrubs in a second rate league. The argument that he was on a loaded team reminds me of the argument that Pashnin was drafted first overall in the KHL. In each case, the two of them were competing against low-end competition.

Foggy's team was loaded in comparison to a BCHL team. It was downright crappy in comparison to a college team.

If you had it right and he was a great player who was accidentally behind a few great players on a monstrous BCHL team, then upon going to college, he'd have been at least on par with a kid like Nieves, who's a year younger. But instead, he did what anyone does the year after being a BCHL third liner - he became an NCAA 4th liner.

Once again, there are excuses as if ND was some legendary team. It wasn't. It wasn't even the best college team, not even close. He was a 4th liner in the NCAA for the same reason he was a 3rd liner in the BCHL. And I don't want to hear that he's a freshman. He was 19 years old and (physically) a very well developed one too.

I hope he develops next year, but he's done absolutely nothing the previous two seasons to be happy about. There's absolutely nothing about his game that you look at and think, "yes, this is what he's excelling at". Instead, we keep hearing excuses about how good his BCHL and NCAA teams are, excuses that are ridiculous because neither of his teams was particularly legendary.

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