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07-30-2013, 01:19 AM
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Originally Posted by tucker3434 View Post
Rene's a winger for the Canadiens. In this thread it is far more likely that someone is comparing OEL to Ray Bourque than discussing Rene Bourque or Peter Stastny.
Rene's a guy the Coyotes might be interested in if the Habs eat some salary, so in that respect, discussing Rene Bourque to PHX makes more sense than discussing OEL to COL.

The trade I was referring to -- dad Stastny for old man Bourque -- would have been a great comparable for this OEL for Duchene nonsense. Stastny for Bourque isn't how you balance out the Boston / Quebec offense / defense. The risk of either player struggling with the new team + fan outrage + locker room outrage would have made that an insane trade circa 1984.

Occam's Razor, folks. Keep it simple, stupid. Unless there's a really compelling reason to turn your franchise on its head, don't do it. You don't shore up the 2002 Red Wings offense by trading Lidstrom for Jagr, regardless of what constitutes "fair value."

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