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07-30-2013, 03:16 AM
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Originally Posted by King'sPawn View Post
"They celebrate individualism overseas and stick ads everywhere. It's sickening."

Your words. You either didn't mean hockey exclusively or you need to be more specific with your inflammatory remarks.
I went into further detail about celebrating "individualism" in this same thread. And I'm well aware that is a problem in every sport, in particular the NBA and NFL where it's all about "me." Just look at LeBron's championship speech as a perfect example of that.

Either way, I have a lot of issues with European hockey. Look at how the best young European talent come overseas at an early age. The development system is slowly dwindling there because for ages they have been giving preference to these older players with no future. They are given preference because they aren't likely to leave their country, whereas a young prospect with a promising future will be stunted and either comes over with stunted development. Then you have the KHL which is so damn corrupt.

I don't care what these European posters think. Plenty of my favorite players have been European, I just do not like the leagues there. I think they are inferior in every imaginable way possible in terms of developing talent. Look at how certain nations have just run dry of any talent. And it isn't due to the NHL milking them of their talent.

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