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07-30-2013, 08:51 AM
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Originally Posted by setkreiderfree View Post
Del Zotto. I've never seen a kid that was 22 years old last year, has already had 2 very good NHL seasons for a defenseman, take so much crap from a fan base because the incompetent forwards never score. Yes, he had a sub par season last year. He was 22 and he played for a coach that refused to let any offensive player get the most out of his talents.

If the Rangers had drafted this kid 8 years ago, the fans would have been talking about him like he was a core piece to build around. The only reason this kid takes so much abuse is because the Rangers have had a ton of success developing young players lately so they needed a whipping boy out of all the young players and this guy was it.

I personally think Boyle is a distraction to MDZ. Boyle to me is not a motivated player until they get to the playoffs. I would trade him. Avery was a bad influence on MDZ and Boyle is no better.
Riddle me this--why does Boyle get motivated for the playoffs and MDZ seem demotivated for the playoffs? What exactly do you know that would lead you to believe that Sean Avery has been a bad influence on Del Zotto or any influence at all?--but if these two as you seem to suggest are keeping MDZ from reaching the pinnacle of his game then I'd suggest he has a lot of growing up to do.

DZ gets critiqued like any other player. He's average at best in his own end. His specialty is creating offense--when his strengths aren't standing out and his weaknesses are then he gets **** on a bit. It's easier I'll admit to like d-men who take care of first things first--playing in their own end. To get more respect Del Zotto IMO has got to bust through this 40 point plateau he seems stuck on--the Rangers need him to get into the 50's anyway. It's not just because their forwards can't finish--they need better play from their pointmen on the pwp for one area that DZ can help them at. He's been a regular there the past few years and the pwp has not gotten better--if anything it's got worse.

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