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07-30-2013, 08:53 AM
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I hope NHL keeps the jerseys "sacred" in the future too. The way how sport jerseys are usually free from ads is kind of ironic though considering how commercialized everything else around the sport(s) in US is. Nascar & auto racing excluded, but motorsport has always been very different in this sense.

It's not just the ice in Europe, but I've always hated how the jerseys are full of ads. Especially the team's jerseys that plays on this arena in the pic (google "oulun karpat"). Firstly because they look ugly, but also because logo gets buried in the ads, hiding team identity and making retro jersey designs impossible. And worst, not all players even have the same ads. What makes so ugly is that typically the ads are just literally stamped on the jerseys without even trying to make them blend better with the jersey design (if there is any design left in the first place).

Worst are the jerseys used in the Euro Hockey Tour... national alternative/B jerseys full of ugly ads. And what about an Austrian team (re)named after a the owner-sponsor?

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