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Originally Posted by intangible View Post
Best bet: Ebay. You can get a $2400 set, lightly used, for $800-$1200.

Adequate bet: Passau, Simmons, or Battram gear, in that order. Set will run you $1400-$1600. Passau is high quality, Simmons is okay, and Battram, well.. you can get what you want on them.

Smart bet: if you're adamant about a new Brian's or Vaughn set, call the retailer and work out a deal. No one who's smart pays retail. Call around, tell them you're looking for their best price on a set, and you want to place your order now. Most of the time if you get a manager on the line they'll give you 10% or more off to get your business.
Simmons is more than "okay". Their gear is top notch at a reasonable price with exceptional customer service.

Passau makes nice stuff, but their prices are very high (comparable to Vaughn, Brians, etc). is offline   Reply With Quote