Thread: TSN 1260: What's going on? Part 3
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07-30-2013, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
Not really her fault, blame her boss who decided to use her in a time slot that she isn't ready for.
But it's not a "development" path to be the Traffic person on the Team, you're either good enough or your not. Because there's no position to "move up to", you're just the traffic person until you want a different gig.

So yes, it's on the people who hired her, but she lacks to the professionalism to understand that her daily "work" is sub-par. She needs to be let go or trained by someone who can actually show her what professionalism is.

The Kathleen, I think that was her name, before Taylor Galvin was professional and good, that's the standard. You have to either achieve it or get out.

Getting into a Radio Market the size of Edmonton is like being in the NHL in Radio terms. It's not a "developemental" place, you're good enough, or you're out.

Edit: When I say lack of professionalism, I don't Just mean her read and tone, it's also being unprepared for her breaks and out right missing MANY of her cut-ins. You have ONE Job, do it properly.

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