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07-30-2013, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by JDinklage Morgoone View Post
I don't really remember Gio being that highly touted back then, maybe I'm wrong. But seriously, when I look at the Phillies selling, I think of the 4 worst trades I've probably ever seen.

Bobby Abreu for C. J. Henry, Matt Smith, Jesus Sanchez, and Carlos Monasterios. The most production we got out of that trade was Matt Smith being a decent LOOGY/back end guy, who then got hurt. That trade blew so hard.

Curt Schilling for Travis Lee, Omar Daal, Nelson Figueroa and Vicente Padilla. Good lord. Travis Lee was brutal. Omar Daal was brutal. It's painful when the best player you get for your stud ace that goes on to win a team a World Series is Vicente Padilla and his patented floatilla pitch. He was okay, but when I'm trading a guy like Schilling, I want something better. I know Lee was a pretty highly touted prospect, but God, did that ever blow up in our face.

Scott Rolen and Doug Nickel for Mike Timlin, Placido Polanco, and Bud Smith. Bud Smith may as well have been hanging out with Jimmy Hoffa after he threw the no-hitter for the Cardinals. Mike Timlin was a decent bullpen arm but really pretty unimpressive in his ONE YEAR with the Phillies. Placido Polanco was a very solid hitter for the Phillies during his time here. Unfortunately, he was traded to the Tigers, where he of course had some of his best years, for a Venezuelan version of the Human Torch. Ugueth Urbina wasn't only pretty rough in his outings with the Phillies, he also attempted to murder someone with fire. I really wish the Phillies kept Polanco and moved him to third to allow Utley to make his ascent to the majors, rather than moving Polly altogether. Imagine the Phillies 06-09 with Polanco hitting over .300 in THAT lineup. Wow.

Cliff Lee to the Mariners for JC Ramirez, Philippe Aumont, and Tyson Gillies. Now, the jury may still be out on how these three guys develop, but considering all the rumors I heard on the haul we'd possibly get for Lee, this trade looks to be absolutely God awful. I know they got him back and all that, but come on. Maximize your value. Unfortunately, this is what I expect Lee to be moved for this season.
Gio was rated in top 100 prospects when they him, but he had a rough year in Reading. Guess that could be a reason they traded him the next offseason. But those trades you list here were brutal.

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