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07-30-2013, 09:33 AM
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that is a total clusterF

1- i would hate to play on that. tracking the puck would be a total pita. i can't imagine being a goalie and trying to pick up a puck at the point, through a screen, that is being shot off a dark colored ice ad.

2- "non" hockey and casual fans have enough problems following the play. laying all that crap on the ice would make even more difficult for them to tell where the puck is. the rookie fan follows the puck around, the same way they follow the football, baseball, etc in other sports. as the NHL tries to attract new fans this would be a major impediment

3- if the NHL did adopt this crap, then it may signal a return of the 'Fox' puck. i can't see the league returning to that nonsense.

4- it just looks like ****. the same way that Euro jerseys look like **** with all the ads.

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