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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
It really boils down to there's a seniority in NCAA hockey that you continue to refuse to acknowledge. Fogarty stepping onto a UND team with a chance to make some noise is far different than Nieves stepping onto a Michigan team that was a bottom feeder. He wasn't going to beat out Tynan or Lee for the top-two center spots, and Jackson played the hell out of his energy line that was centered by Gerths. There wasn't room. That kind of thing happens all the time to kids in the NCAA, even the ones with pedigree. The team doesn't have to be 'legendary' for that to happen.

He was also getting top-six minutes in the BCHL, and, as I said, was the defensive stalwart between two of their best offensive wingers. If you want to argue the merits of the league I can't stop you, but don't ignore the points that validate that the kid took a major area of concern and improved by leaps and bounds. Was he the best center they had offensively? No, but he was certainly the most well-rounded one. Something that could not be said about him during his draft year. Once again, that shows marked improvement.

Long and short, I've pointed out several times that his defensive game has improved tremendously and that makes him a more viable prospect, and all you can do is harp on the bit about the quality of competition. Just agree to disagree at this point. Tired of arguing in circles.
Fully agreed. Not to mention Jeff Jackson does not run anything like the kind of high octane offense you see at say, BC. This forum would have the pitchforks out if he ran the NYR the way he runs ND. I do think its fair to rank Fogarty where he is because he hasn't taken that full next step offensively yet (I would argue this years 3rd rounders got a bit overhyped because we had no 1st/2nd but that's a different argument). He has to seize the opportunity in front of him this year. But I believe in the kid's talent. When he got PP looks he made some great plays.

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