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07-30-2013, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by internetdotcom View Post
Did you really just call the PENGUINS, the PITTSBURGH Penguins, thin up front? The team with arguably the 2 best centers in the league (Stamkos is in that discussion), Neal, Dupuis (who scored what, 35 goals or something last year IIRC), Kunitz, Sutter, Beau Bennett (who is a good young player), etc. ? Say what you want about your bottom 6, if your top 6 are playing close to 50 minutes a night with that level of talent, you are anything but 'thin' up front.
Originally Posted by wej20 View Post
The bottom 6 is definitely much thinner than it has been in previous years, Sutter's a good young player but his line is never going to be the workhorse that was the Cooke - Staal - Kennedy line. In an ideal world Pens would bring in top 6 winger to push Dupuis to the 3rd line (or at least have the option). That doesn't seem likely to happen this year with the cap and it looks like they'd have to develop their own or trade for one.
They are an injury away from having Jussi Jokinen as a top 6 center, and maybe the softest 3rd line in the league.

As most posters who hang around the Penguins board will agree, the team will be fine from October - April. It's April - June (hopefully) that is the problem. As Boston showed, neutralize 87 and 71, and there isn't much to worry about after that. Other teams will feast on the Pens bottom 6 as currently constructed.

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