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07-30-2013, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by the_fan View Post
Another thing is funny that people on here think when you trade your best player you gotta get the other team's best player in return.

When Jackets traded their best player, franchise forward Nash, they didn't get the Ranger's best player in return. This is just a recent such a trade i can think of where a best player of one team didn't get a best player in return from the other team.
Not really comparable.

Columbus didn't have much of anything resembling a team structure when Nash was traded. Phoenix does, and a large part of it is evidently dependent on OEL - or someone with his skill level at his price. We didn't have a team identity to lose. Phoenix does. We were restarting our team style from scratch. Phoenix does not have to, and it would cost them a lot to attempt to do so.

Also, of course, there's the massive, overwhelming, so-painfully-obvious-I-shouldn't-have-to-say-it-and-your-post-shouldn't-even-exist-as-a-result point that Phoenix Is Not Trying, Nor Do They Have Reason, To Trade OEL. There's no point, no reason for them to do so. Absolutely none. Not even contrived, twisted, biased but-they-don't-DESERVE-hockey type reasons. None.

And that renders those comparisons moot.

(EDIT: Bonus fact: I don't actually follow the Coyotes. What I do is actually read what Coyotes fans are saying, without blithely assuming that the existence of this thread mandates the inevitability of any given trade. )

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