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07-30-2013, 11:43 AM
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I'll give you my experience with using Creatine for nearly 3 years.

I gained 20lbs, got a LOT stronger (benched 315 five times at my max), and was really jacked up.

Then I noticed some hair-loss.
There is no hair loss in my family. I know everyone says that, but both my grandfathers died with full heads of hair in their 80's.
Uncles and cousins on both sides have hair that John Stamos would be jealous of.

I did tonnes of research on the subject and despite a total lack of scientific evidence pointing to creatine and hair loss, I found dozens of websites where people complained of the same thing.
On one certain hair-restoration website, a doctor posted hundreds of emails he received on the subject. He said he would get dozens of them each day where someone asked if creatine was connected to hair loss, because they started thinning after a few months of use.
Finally, in 2009, a group from Sweden(?) that tested the affects of creatine and hairloss.
The proved that Creatine caused the increase of DHT - the cause of hair loss.
I stopped using it after I read that and since then my hairline has stayed the same and the small amount of thinning I saw on the crown of my head was restored.

Also, there are links to kidney damage with Creatine.
(I never experienced any though. But I only used for 3 years).

Outside of that, the only other negative is that with pressing larger weights, you better hope your form is right or else you'll add more stress to your joints which will lead to problems down the road.
I have long arms so when I bench, my elbows go below 90-degrees.
That's terrible for the shoulders. But while on Creatine, I didn't notice. I just kept throwing up more weights.

Now that I'm off the stuff, I have a lot more pain in my knees, elbows and shoulders due to my poor form.

I've corrected that now, and through natural means, and proper form, I'm getting closer to the totals I lifted while on Creatine.

I really do believe going natural is a lot better in the long run.
Nobody here knows exactly how much damage can be done to your kidney's, joints and even hair follicles.

Going natural also sets you up for a healthier lifestyle well past your prime years.
And a great supliment is protein shakes. (do your research on that as well. Avoid ones high in cholesterol).
But I have found that eating lots of lean meats, veggies and fruit really does a body good.

But if you're bound and determined to put on some lb's and push your max lifts to the limits, Creatine will certainly help do the trick.

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