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Originally Posted by Apocalyptic Mist View Post
Portland/ Seattle for expansion and if Phx fails move them to Houston. Quebec city had 2 franchises leave their city... (1st time was a fire in the arena, other time was being cheap/broke) same failure rate as atlanta btw... Why should they get another chance? if the nhl wants to grow the sport, what better places than seattle, portland and houston? Instant rivalries will be made with vancouver, portland and seattle... same with dallas/ houston. bigger markets, more new potential fans exposed to this game and imo better for the league as a whole as it is already on a steady rise.
I would have to agree with these 3 cities for expansion, relocation. However, I would choose Seattle and Houston for expansion and Portland for relocation. That would provide Houston and Seattle with geographic rivalries to start with (Dallas and Vancouver respectively). If things don't work out in Phoenix after 5 years, then relocating them to Portland would be a good option and it would also keep the conferences balanced with 16 teams in each.

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