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07-30-2013, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Looking at the recent contracts, that's what I'm thinking about. Why did we have (yet) another lockout?
Originally Posted by TOML View Post
Lockout-Schmockout, player win.
Posters REALLY need to understand something that is pretty basic, but counter-intuitive.

The CBA just means the players make 50% of HRR. To the extent that players contracts exceed 50% of HRR, escrow takes care of difference. As soon as the cumulative contracts exceed 50% of HRR, each player (net of escrow) is really getting paid the following:

Players Contract/Total Payments to NHLPA members (including buy-outs) x 50% of HRR

From a practical perspective, if every team made a bunch of stupid decisions, the net amount being paid to the players does not change one cent. Obviously, teams that make stupid decisions and overpay players will not have $'s available to pay good players, and their on-ice product will suffer.

The CBA was not established to avoid overpaying individual players. Player contracts are really just a means to allocate the 50% of HRR to the NHLPA members.

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