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Originally Posted by Hiesenberg View Post
Utley has a knee concern, all of his other injuries were baseball related.

Like a ball hitting him or slamming his thumb into a bag.

The knee issue seems to be fine this year.

But you are right, nobody wants a 2nd baseman that is slugging .500 this year.
I'm just trying to say what would be in the minds of a lot of these GMs. I certainly want Utley but I've watched him since he came up ten years ago. But if I was from another team and I saw a guy who has been injured in the past two years, has missed a month this year from an oblique injury, and is only two-three months away from free agency, I would struggle with giving up a young kid for him. The reason being that MLB playoffs are a crap shoot and you only get one shot at it, with continued worries that Utley's knees might act up again before the season is over.

I would give a top prospect for Utley. I think his knee problems are behind him and he's currently one of the best second baseman in baseball. But I think other people will take into account his free agency and his knee problems and they will hold onto their cards.

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